Companionship & Escort

Our Medical Escort Services
we specialize in commercial airline medical transports.  We are uniquely qualified to advise you and your health care providers as to the safest and most cost effective plan of travel based on your medical escort service needs. Whether traveling on a commercial airline, or a private chartered aircraft, we will customize your travel plans to meet your medical needs.  Each of our medical escort team is lead by experienced and certified Advance Life Support Provider. Our packed-ready to g- Resuscitation Box have Advance Life support Drugs.  We coordinate the details of air and ground travel from bedside to bedside. We assist with the booking of the Flight ambulance and hotels. We provide in flight drug and oxygen administration, fluid and blood transfusion, intubation, ventilation and other  Advance Life Support Services. We are equally well skill in handing and transfer of patients.

Whether it is a flight within Nigeria or a flight to places like South Africa, India or Europe, United States or China, we are at your service to take care of the needs of your family member. Angel & Eagle Global Rescue Services Limited provides superior air medical escort services to the elderly, sick and injured patients both domestically and internationally flights. Angel & Eagle Global Rescue Services Limited has superior VIP services that assure your patient or family member will receive the highest level of attention and detail to make traveling as easy as possible. Our patients range from those able to walk to totally immobile needing lifting assistance and unable to care for themselves.

Our Medical Escort Services offer a cost effective alternative to air ambulance services for the medically stable patient. -while still providing equal or better care!